Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Review | Bloom & Wild

With a few birthday looming ahead of me in the month of May, I am always on the hunt for something special. After doing some research online, I can upon Bloom & Wild - an online flower service. They make it simple and easy to surprise any loved one with a gift of fresh flowers, delivered straight though their letterbox.  
Bloom & Wild have designed the packing to be long and slender enough to side through any letterbox, meaning that they will never miss a delivery however the box is strong enough to protect the delicate flowers inside. 

Bloom & Wild make the giving and receiving of flowers as easy as possible, they even have a iPhone app which allows you to order a fresh bunch of flowers in just seconds.  Once you have picked the style or bouquet you would like to send , you can then select the address and date you would like the flowers to be delivered. You can also include a personalised message within the box as a free addition to the service. 
The thing I really like about Boom & Wild is that they offer a unique subscription service. You can order a one off gift, or a subscription to weekly or monthly boxes to be delivered that start at only £40 which includes three deliveries of fresh flowers, straight through the letter box. The other great thing is that the flowers last for about 10 days, so you can enjoy them far longer than you can any shop purchased bouquet. 
If you are looking to treat yourself or someone else, I would highly recommend Bloom & Wild for a quick and hassle free way to enjoy a beautiful bouquet delivered straight to your door.

Let me know if you have any special gift ideas which you would recommend :)


  1. Oh its so fantastic that it fits through the letterbox! I might have to just treat my mum to some beautiful new flowers xxx

  2. it sounds great that they fit through letterboxes. this sounds amazing, even better that they last for 10 days. lovely post!

  3. I love this idea so much! I'd love to get a weekly subscription one day!xx

    Lucy x |

  4. bloom and wild sound just so dreamy and if it was available here i would surely subscribe to them.


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